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org::apache::maven::project::artifact::ActiveProjectArtifact Class Reference

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Detailed Description

Wraps an active project instance to be able to receive updates from its artifact without affecting the original attributes of this artifact.

Brett Porter
ActiveProjectArtifact.java 495147 2007-01-11 07:47:53Z jvanzyl
I think this exposes a design flaw in that the immutable and mutable parts of an artifact are in one class and should be split. ie scope, file, etc depend on the context of use, whereas everything else is immutable.

Definition at line 45 of file ActiveProjectArtifact.java.

Public Member Functions

 ActiveProjectArtifact (MavenProject project, Artifact artifact)
void addMetadata (ArtifactMetadata metadata)
int compareTo (Object o)
ArtifactHandler getArtifactHandler ()
String getArtifactId ()
List getAvailableVersions ()
String getBaseVersion ()
String getClassifier ()
String getDependencyConflictId ()
ArtifactFilter getDependencyFilter ()
List getDependencyTrail ()
String getDownloadUrl ()
File getFile ()
String getGroupId ()
String getId ()
Collection getMetadataList ()
ArtifactRepository getRepository ()
String getScope ()
ArtifactVersion getSelectedVersion () throws OverConstrainedVersionException
String getType ()
String getVersion ()
VersionRange getVersionRange ()
boolean hasClassifier ()
boolean isOptional ()
boolean isRelease ()
boolean isResolved ()
boolean isSelectedVersionKnown () throws OverConstrainedVersionException
boolean isSnapshot ()
void selectVersion (String version)
void setArtifactHandler (ArtifactHandler handler)
void setArtifactId (String artifactId)
void setAvailableVersions (List versions)
void setBaseVersion (String baseVersion)
void setDependencyFilter (ArtifactFilter artifactFilter)
void setDependencyTrail (List dependencyTrail)
void setDownloadUrl (String downloadUrl)
void setFile (File destination)
void setGroupId (String groupId)
void setOptional (boolean optional)
void setRelease (boolean release)
void setRepository (ArtifactRepository remoteRepository)
void setResolved (boolean resolved)
void setResolvedVersion (String version)
void setScope (String scope)
void setVersion (String version)
void setVersionRange (VersionRange newRange)
String toString ()
void updateVersion (String version, ArtifactRepository localRepository)

Public Attributes

String SCOPE_COMPILE = "compile"
String SCOPE_PROVIDED = "provided"
String SCOPE_RUNTIME = "runtime"
String SCOPE_SYSTEM = "system"
String SCOPE_TEST = "test"
Pattern VERSION_FILE_PATTERN = Pattern.compile( "^(.*)-([0-9]{8}.[0-9]{6})-([0-9]+)$" )

Package Attributes


Private Attributes

final Artifact artifact
final MavenProject project

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