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org::apache::maven::project::MavenProject Class Reference

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Detailed Description

The concern of the project is provide runtime values based on the model.

The values in the model remain untouched but during the process of building a project notions like inheritance and interpolation can be added. This allows to have an entity which is useful in a runtime while preserving the model so that it can be marshalled and unmarshalled without being tainted by runtime requirements.

We need to leave the model intact because we don't want the following:

  1. We don't want interpolated values being written back into the model.
  2. We don't want inherited values being written back into the model.

Definition at line 82 of file MavenProject.java.

Public Member Functions

void addAttachedArtifact (Artifact artifact)
void addCompileSourceRoot (String path)
void addContributor (Contributor contributor)
void addDeveloper (Developer developer)
void addLicense (License license)
void addMailingList (MailingList mailingList)
void addPlugin (Plugin plugin)
void addProjectReference (MavenProject project)
void addResource (Resource resource)
void addScriptSourceRoot (String path)
void addTestCompileSourceRoot (String path)
void addTestResource (Resource testResource)
void attachArtifact (String type, String classifier, File file)
Set createArtifacts (ArtifactFactory artifactFactory, String inheritedScope, ArtifactFilter dependencyFilter) throws InvalidDependencyVersionException
boolean equals (Object other)
List getActiveProfiles ()
Artifact getArtifact ()
String getArtifactId ()
Map getArtifactMap ()
Set getArtifacts ()
List getAttachedArtifacts ()
File getBasedir ()
Build getBuild ()
List getBuildExtensions ()
List getBuildPlugins ()
CiManagement getCiManagement ()
List getCollectedProjects ()
List getCompileArtifacts ()
List getCompileClasspathElements () throws DependencyResolutionRequiredException
List getCompileDependencies ()
List getCompileSourceRoots ()
List getContributors ()
String getDefaultGoal ()
List getDependencies ()
Set getDependencyArtifacts ()
DependencyManagement getDependencyManagement ()
String getDescription ()
List getDevelopers ()
DistributionManagement getDistributionManagement ()
ArtifactRepository getDistributionManagementArtifactRepository ()
MavenProject getExecutionProject ()
Map getExtensionArtifactMap ()
Set getExtensionArtifacts ()
File getFile ()
List getFilters ()
Xpp3Dom getGoalConfiguration (String pluginGroupId, String pluginArtifactId, String executionId, String goalId)
String getGroupId ()
String getId ()
String getInceptionYear ()
IssueManagement getIssueManagement ()
List getLicenses ()
List getMailingLists ()
Map getManagedVersionMap ()
Model getModel ()
String getModelVersion ()
String getModulePathAdjustment (MavenProject moduleProject) throws IOException
List getModules ()
String getName ()
Organization getOrganization ()
Model getOriginalModel ()
String getPackaging ()
MavenProject getParent ()
Artifact getParentArtifact ()
Map getPluginArtifactMap ()
List getPluginArtifactRepositories ()
Set getPluginArtifacts ()
PluginManagement getPluginManagement ()
List getPluginRepositories ()
Prerequisites getPrerequisites ()
Map getProjectReferences ()
Properties getProperties ()
List getRemoteArtifactRepositories ()
Map getReportArtifactMap ()
Set getReportArtifacts ()
Xpp3Dom getReportConfiguration (String pluginGroupId, String pluginArtifactId, String reportSetId)
Reporting getReporting ()
List getReportPlugins ()
List getRepositories ()
List getResources ()
List getRuntimeArtifacts ()
List getRuntimeClasspathElements () throws DependencyResolutionRequiredException
List getRuntimeDependencies ()
Scm getScm ()
List getScriptSourceRoots ()
List getSystemArtifacts ()
List getSystemClasspathElements () throws DependencyResolutionRequiredException
List getSystemDependencies ()
List getTestArtifacts ()
List getTestClasspathElements () throws DependencyResolutionRequiredException
List getTestCompileSourceRoots ()
List getTestDependencies ()
List getTestResources ()
String getUrl ()
String getVersion ()
int hashCode ()
boolean hasParent ()
void injectPluginManagementInfo (Plugin plugin)
boolean isExecutionRoot ()
 MavenProject (MavenProject project)
 MavenProject (Model model)
Artifact replaceWithActiveArtifact (Artifact pluginArtifact)
void setActiveProfiles (List activeProfiles)
void setArtifact (Artifact artifact)
void setArtifactId (String artifactId)
void setArtifacts (Set artifacts)
void setBuild (Build build)
void setCiManagement (CiManagement ciManagement)
void setCollectedProjects (List collectedProjects)
void setContributors (List contributors)
void setDependencies (List dependencies)
void setDependencyArtifacts (Set dependencyArtifacts)
void setDescription (String description)
void setDevelopers (List developers)
void setDistributionManagement (DistributionManagement distributionManagement)
void setExecutionProject (MavenProject executionProject)
void setExecutionRoot (boolean executionRoot)
void setExtensionArtifacts (Set extensionArtifacts)
void setFile (File file)
void setGroupId (String groupId)
void setInceptionYear (String inceptionYear)
void setIssueManagement (IssueManagement issueManagement)
void setLicenses (List licenses)
void setMailingLists (List mailingLists)
void setManagedVersionMap (Map map)
void setModelVersion (String pomVersion)
void setName (String name)
void setOrganization (Organization organization)
void setOriginalModel (Model originalModel)
void setPackaging (String packaging)
void setParent (MavenProject parent)
void setParentArtifact (Artifact parentArtifact)
void setPluginArtifactRepositories (List pluginArtifactRepositories)
void setPluginArtifacts (Set pluginArtifacts)
void setReleaseArtifactRepository (ArtifactRepository releaseArtifactRepository)
void setRemoteArtifactRepositories (List remoteArtifactRepositories)
void setReportArtifacts (Set reportArtifacts)
void setReporting (Reporting reporting)
void setScm (Scm scm)
void setSnapshotArtifactRepository (ArtifactRepository snapshotArtifactRepository)
void setUrl (String url)
void setVersion (String version)
String toString ()
void writeModel (Writer writer) throws IOException
void writeOriginalModel (Writer writer) throws IOException

Static Public Attributes

static final String EMPTY_PROJECT_ARTIFACT_ID = "empty-project"
static final String EMPTY_PROJECT_GROUP_ID = "unknown"
static final String EMPTY_PROJECT_VERSION = "0"

Private Member Functions

void addArtifactPath (Artifact a, List list) throws DependencyResolutionRequiredException
Build getModelBuild ()

Static Private Member Functions

static String getProjectReferenceId (String groupId, String artifactId, String version)

Private Attributes

List activeProfiles = new ArrayList()
Artifact artifact
Map artifactMap
Set artifacts
List attachedArtifacts
Build buildOverlay
List collectedProjects = Collections.EMPTY_LIST
List compileSourceRoots = new ArrayList()
Set dependencyArtifacts
MavenProject executionProject
boolean executionRoot
Map extensionArtifactMap
Set extensionArtifacts
File file
Map managedVersionMap
Model model
Map moduleAdjustments
Model originalModel
MavenProject parent
Artifact parentArtifact
Map pluginArtifactMap
List pluginArtifactRepositories
Set pluginArtifacts
Map projectReferences = new HashMap()
ArtifactRepository releaseArtifactRepository
List remoteArtifactRepositories
Map reportArtifactMap
Set reportArtifacts
List scriptSourceRoots = new ArrayList()
ArtifactRepository snapshotArtifactRepository
List testCompileSourceRoots = new ArrayList()

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