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org::apache::maven::plugin::descriptor::MojoDescriptor Class Reference

Inherits org::codehaus::plexus::component::repository::ComponentDescriptor.

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Detailed Description

The bean containing the mojo descriptor.

is there a need for the delegation of MavenMojoDescriptor to this? Why not just extend ComponentDescriptor here?

Definition at line 38 of file MojoDescriptor.java.

Public Member Functions

void addParameter (Parameter parameter) throws DuplicateParameterException
boolean alwaysExecute ()
boolean equals (Object object)
String getComponentType ()
String getDeprecated ()
String getExecuteGoal ()
String getExecuteLifecycle ()
String getExecutePhase ()
String getExecutionStrategy ()
String getFullGoalName ()
String getGoal ()
String getId ()
String getLanguage ()
PlexusConfiguration getMojoConfiguration ()
Map getParameterMap ()
List getParameters ()
String getPhase ()
PluginDescriptor getPluginDescriptor ()
String getRole ()
String getRoleHint ()
String getSince ()
int hashCode ()
boolean isAggregator ()
String isDependencyResolutionRequired ()
boolean isDirectInvocationOnly ()
boolean isInheritedByDefault ()
boolean isOnlineRequired ()
boolean isProjectRequired ()
boolean isRequiresReports ()
boolean requiresOnline ()
void setAggregator (boolean aggregator)
void setDependencyResolutionRequired (String requiresDependencyResolution)
void setDeprecated (String deprecated)
void setDirectInvocationOnly (boolean directInvocationOnly)
void setExecuteGoal (String executeGoal)
void setExecuteLifecycle (String executeLifecycle)
void setExecutePhase (String executePhase)
void setExecutionStrategy (String executionStrategy)
void setGoal (String goal)
void setInheritedByDefault (boolean inheritedByDefault)
void setLanguage (String language)
void setMojoConfiguration (PlexusConfiguration mojoConfiguration)
void setOnlineRequired (boolean requiresOnline)
void setParameters (List parameters) throws DuplicateParameterException
void setPhase (String phase)
void setPluginDescriptor (PluginDescriptor pluginDescriptor)
void setProjectRequired (boolean requiresProject)
void setRequiresReports (boolean requiresReports)
void setSince (String since)

Static Public Attributes

static String MAVEN_PLUGIN = "maven-plugin"
static final String MULTI_PASS_EXEC_STRATEGY = "always"
static final String SINGLE_PASS_EXEC_STRATEGY = "once-per-session"

Private Member Functions

boolean compareObjects (Object first, Object second)

Private Attributes

boolean aggregator = false
String dependencyResolutionRequired = null
String deprecated
boolean directInvocationOnly = false
String executeGoal
String executeLifecycle
String executePhase
String executionStrategy = SINGLE_PASS_EXEC_STRATEGY
String goal
boolean inheritedByDefault = true
PlexusConfiguration mojoConfiguration
boolean onlineRequired = false
Map parameterMap
List parameters
String phase
PluginDescriptor pluginDescriptor
boolean projectRequired = true
boolean requiresReports = false
String since

Static Private Attributes

static final String DEFAULT_INSTANTIATION_STRATEGY = "per-lookup"
static final String DEFAULT_LANGUAGE = "java"

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