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org::apache::maven::execution::DefaultMavenExecutionRequest Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for org::apache::maven::execution::DefaultMavenExecutionRequest:


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Detailed Description

Jason van Zyl
DefaultMavenExecutionRequest.java 588043 2007-10-24 21:33:11Z carlos

Definition at line 36 of file DefaultMavenExecutionRequest.java.

Public Member Functions

void addEventMonitor (EventMonitor monitor)
 DefaultMavenExecutionRequest (ArtifactRepository localRepository, Settings settings, EventDispatcher eventDispatcher, List goals, String baseDirectory, ProfileManager globalProfileManager, Properties executionProperties, boolean showErrors)
String getBaseDirectory ()
EventDispatcher getEventDispatcher ()
Properties getExecutionProperties ()
String getFailureBehavior ()
ProfileManager getGlobalProfileManager ()
List getGoals ()
ArtifactRepository getLocalRepository ()
String getPomFile ()
MavenSession getSession ()
Settings getSettings ()
Date getStartTime ()
boolean isReactorActive ()
boolean isRecursive ()
boolean isShowErrors ()
void setFailureBehavior (String failureBehavior)
void setPomFile (String pomFilename)
void setReactorActive (boolean reactorActive)
void setRecursive (boolean recursive)
void setSession (MavenSession session)

Protected Attributes

MavenSession session

Private Attributes

final String baseDirectory
final EventDispatcher eventDispatcher
final Properties executionProperties
String failureBehavior
final ProfileManager globalProfileManager
final List goals
final ArtifactRepository localRepository
String pomFilename
boolean reactorActive
boolean recursive = true
final Settings settings
final boolean showErrors
final Date startTime

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