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org::apache::maven::bootstrap::Bootstrap Class Reference

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Detailed Description

Main class for bootstrap module.

Brett Porter
Bootstrap.java 453100 2006-10-05 03:38:17Z jvanzyl

Definition at line 69 of file Bootstrap.java.

Public Member Functions

 Bootstrap (SimpleArgumentParser parser) throws Exception
void buildProject (File basedir, boolean buildModules) throws Exception
File getArtifactFile (Dependency dep)
Model getCachedModel (String groupId, String artifactId)
String getCurrentUtcDate ()
void line ()
Model readModel (File file, boolean resolveTransitiveDependencies) throws ParserConfigurationException, SAXException, IOException

Static Public Member Functions

static SimpleArgumentParser createDefaultParser ()
static void main (String[] args) throws Exception
static void stats (Date fullStart, Date fullStop)

Static Protected Member Functions

static String formatTime (long ms)

Private Member Functions

File buildProject (Model model) throws Exception
void cacheModels (File basedir, ArtifactResolver resolver) throws IOException, ParserConfigurationException, SAXException
List classpath (Collection dependencies, String extraClasspath, String scope, ArtifactResolver resolver)
void compile (Collection dependencies, String sourceDirectory, String outputDirectory, String extraClasspath, File generatedSources, String scope, ArtifactResolver resolver) throws Exception
void copyResources (String sourceDirectory, String destinationDirectory) throws Exception
IsolatedClassLoader createClassloaderFromDependencies (Collection dependencies, ClassLoader parent, ArtifactResolver resolver) throws Exception
File createJar (File pomFile, String classes, String buildDir, Model reader) throws Exception
void generateModelloSources (String model, String mode, File dir, String modelVersion, String packageWithVersion, ClassLoader modelloClassLoader) throws Exception
void install (Model model, File pom, File jar) throws Exception
void installPomFile (Model model, File source) throws IOException
void run (String goal) throws Exception

Static Private Member Functions

static ArtifactResolver setupRepositories (Settings settings) throws Exception

Private Attributes

Set inProgress = new HashSet()
Map modelCache = new HashMap()
Map modelFileCache = new HashMap()
final ArtifactResolver resolver

Static Private Attributes

static final String MODELLO_PLUGIN_ID = "org.codehaus.modello:modello-maven-plugin"
static final String USER_HOME = System.getProperty( "user.home" )

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