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org::apache::maven::DefaultMaven Class Reference

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Detailed Description

Jason van Zyl
DefaultMaven.java 588043 2007-10-24 21:33:11Z carlos

Definition at line 81 of file DefaultMaven.java.

Public Member Functions

void contextualize (Context context) throws ContextException
void execute (MavenExecutionRequest request) throws MavenExecutionException
MavenProject getProject (File pom, ArtifactRepository localRepository, Settings settings, ProfileManager globalProfileManager) throws ProjectBuildingException, ArtifactResolutionException, ProfileActivationException

Public Attributes

String POMv4 = "pom.xml"
String RELEASE_POMv4 = "release-pom.xml"

Protected Member Functions

MavenSession createSession (MavenExecutionRequest request, ReactorManager rpm)
 ! We should probably have the execution request handler create the
void line ()
void logError (Exception e, boolean showErrors)
void logFailure (BuildFailureException e, boolean showErrors)
void logFatal (Throwable error)
void logSuccess (ReactorManager rm)
void stats (Date start)

Static Protected Member Functions

static String formatTime (long ms)

Protected Attributes

PlexusContainer container
ErrorDiagnostics errorDiagnostics
LifecycleExecutor lifecycleExecutor
MavenProjectBuilder projectBuilder
RuntimeInformation runtimeInformation

Static Package Attributes

static String ROLE = Maven.class.getName()

Private Member Functions

List collectProjects (List files, ArtifactRepository localRepository, boolean recursive, Settings settings, ProfileManager globalProfileManager, boolean isRoot) throws ArtifactResolutionException, ProjectBuildingException, ProfileActivationException, MavenExecutionException, BuildFailureException
ReactorManager doExecute (MavenExecutionRequest request, EventDispatcher dispatcher) throws MavenExecutionException, BuildFailureException, LifecycleExecutionException
void filterOneProjectFilePerDirectory (List files)
List getProjectFiles (MavenExecutionRequest request) throws IOException
List getProjects (MavenExecutionRequest request, ProfileManager globalProfileManager) throws MavenExecutionException, BuildFailureException
MavenProject getSuperProject (MavenExecutionRequest request) throws MavenExecutionException
void logDiagnostics (Throwable t)
void logErrors (ReactorManager rm, boolean showErrors)
void logReactorSummary (ReactorManager rm)
void logReactorSummaryLine (String name, String status, long time)
void logReactorSummaryLine (String name, String status)
void logTrace (Throwable t, boolean showErrors)
void resolveParameters (Settings settings) throws ComponentLookupException, ComponentLifecycleException, SettingsConfigurationException

Static Private Member Functions

static String getFormattedTime (long time)

Static Private Attributes

static final long MB = 1024 * 1024
static final int MS_PER_SEC = 1000
static final int SEC_PER_MIN = 60

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